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Welcome to Crusaders of The Templar's Web site!

Thank you for your visit,
It is our goal as a guild to help all of our members to become the best at their chosen professions and to understand their role in a group setting (when it comes to raids and dungeons)
We as a guild have sistered ourselves with several Guilds, they are
1.Duck and Cover

It is our hope that we all enjoy the game and have fun playing
Remember : this is a game it is meant to be an enjoyable experience
we are all here to have fun and for relaxation too

We will be setting up dungeons and raids as we can
Please feel free to make suggestions and as to what dungeon or raid you would like to do
we will put them up for voting and set up the best time for all
Thank You
Your leader

updated by: Olwyn
Other Guild News

Congratulations to Our Newest 80

OlwynDK, Apr 23, 10 7:05 PM.
Congratulations to Our Newest 80: Volak            

Tuskarr have invaded!

OlwynDK, Apr 2, 10 7:39 PM.
ROTFL... I don't know how wide-spread it is...
But after some time of the Armory seeming completely broken for Farstriders (not loading individual character pages -- claiming the toons were inactive too long, deleted, or mid-transfer to another server) -- I'm finding (more recently active) Farstrider characters being displayed (on the individual character pages) as TUSKARR!

See the gallery for a couple of screen-shots of Olwyn as a level 80 Tuskarr Death Knight and Tunaris as a level 80 Tuskarr Paladin (complete with Tuskarr backpack). The armor and achievements are current (although I'm not sure why the word "cheesed" is being substituted for "completed" along with us being tuksarr. Is "cheese" tuskarr-ese for "completed"?)


edit: Confirmed, Blizz did this for April Fools.. in spite of not listing it as one of it's April Fools items. We'll see how long it lasts.

Recommendations from Caoalen

OlwynDK, Feb 10, 10 4:44 AM. - pve character auditor
and pally addon: pallypower

Azeroth (WoW) Mapping

OlwynDK, Jan 31, 10 4:03 PM. - Google-maps-style map for Azeroth/Northrend and Outlands

Happy 1yr Anniversary!

OlwynDK, Jan 10, 10 6:21 AM.
1 year ago, Jan 10, Crusaders was created as a Guild.
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